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Abela, Peter16.216.20
Acquah, Terry4.54.50
Adams, Brett24.124.10
Agius, Clinton7.27.20
Alexander, PhilipAWAY0
Allen, John16.816.80
Allen, Liam18.718.70
Allman, Robert4.64.60
Allman, Taylor6.26.20
Allsworth, Tom13.713.70
Allsworth, Tom7.07.00
Allum, Luke14.814.80
Anderson, Archie17.517.50
Anderson, JohnAWAY0
Andrews, Gary13.813.80
Andrews, HarryAWAY0
Andrews, JimAWAY0
Andrews, Ollie45.545.50
Andrews, Robbie52.852.80
Appleby, David27.227.20
Armstrong, Tony14.514.50
Arrowsmith, Harry13.313.30
Aspley, David21.921.90
Atkinson, Finley26.326.30
Austin, ColinAWAY0
Austin, Terry20.320.30

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14.04.2024 05:27
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SUNDAY 14th APRIL The course is OPEN. Buggies and single seater ride-ons are permitted NO RESTRICTIONS Some bunkers remain GUR. Those that are out of play will have a sign inside the bunker. Preferred lies are in place. Tee booking system in operation. Please call the Pro Shop on 01795 662585.